Experience True Voice Encryption

Connected. Instantly.

mKrypt uses bluetooth technology to pair between your headset and cellular phone to secure your voice communications with military-grade crypto. A distinct warning tone sounds whenever an insecure call is initiated or if crypto synchronization is broken within a secure call.

Discreet design. Without compromise.

No software to install or App to run. Simply use your phone as you normally would to place and receive calls. Smartphone apps and viruses never have access to your real voice.


Each caller's voice is encrypted before it is sent to the phone and decrypted only after it leaves the listener's phone.


Smooth, slimline design fits comfortably in a pocket or purse. Includes a sturdy, built-in keychain loop.


Works flawlessly with all bluetooth-enabled phones, headsets, speaker phones and car phone systems.


mKrypt holds no keys and never participates in any call in any way. Nor can we affect, log, or intercept any call.

Instantaneously Secure.

Cellular Network Interconnect

End-to-end encryption, AES 256 key stream, even across SS7 interconnect.

Military-Grade Crypto

We employ the same level of encryption as the military does with nuclear codes.


mKrypt can also license the necessary technology to other companies for integration into their voice products.

One Doesn't Think About Private & Secure Conversations Until It's too Late.

Built For Compatibility and Durability

Mobile Phones

mKrypt is compatible with any mobile phone that has bluetooth capability.


mKrypt is compatible with office conference room speakerphones and any other speakerphones that are bluetooth capable.


mKrypt is compatible with any brand of bluetooth capable headset.


The mKrypt battery is rated for 12 hours of talk time.


mKrypt is completely sealed and impervious to water.

Encrypting Calls Around The World

Delivering Tomorrow's Tech, Today

Consumer Market

Retail product with a single domain. Retails at all stores where mobile phones are sold.

C-Level Market

Corporate product with multiple domains for group communication management.

Government/Military Market

Inpenetrable device for legislators and our military service members. Absolutely secure and "unhackable."

"A groundbreaking product that delivers on its promises and exceeds expectations- even with the bar set high, naturally. This truly feels like the future of voice communication."

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